Mountain Biking Sky Mountain Park

Whoever named Sky Mountain Park wasn’t particularly imaginative but, man, were they accurate. Sky Mountain Park boasts 15 miles of mountain biking, hiking and equestrian (bring your horse!) single-track trails on the north side of Snowmass Village. Each trail impresses with mountain views from the moment you hit the dirt.

The appropriately named Viewline Trail overlooks Snowmass Village and is open to mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians.
After a beautiful, single-track climb up Viewline, Cozyline or Airline trails you’re greeted at the start of the Skyline with the type of expansive views typically reserved for full day adventures. Skyline Ridge is distractingly beautiful. 360-degree vistas spur the inner debate of pedaling or pausing to enjoy the views from start to end.

Descending the Airline trail
From Skyline Ridge you have plenty of options for linking together the mountain bike ride of your choice. Regardless of your choice of route, the sculpted single-track trails make for a fun descent sure to leave a smile on your face and beg the question of whether another lap is in order.

A local’s favorite trail on Sky Mountain Park is the Deadline trail, a downhill only, flow-style trail littered with perfectly manicured bermed turns, rollers and tabletop jumps. First time riders often come back exclaiming: “That. Was. Awesome.” The intermediate/advanced mountain biker will certainly jump at the opportunity to link over from Deadline to the Viewline trail and head-up for another lap.

Wild lupines line the Highline trail.
Sky Mountain Park is a quick 2.5 mile pedal away from the Snowmass Village core. Alternatively, you can load your bike onto the free Village Shuttle to the Town Park parking lot at the base of the Viewline trail. If you’re thinking about incorporating Sky Mountain Park into a bigger mountain bike ride, look to link to the Rim Trail North from the Viewline trail or the Tom Blake trail from the Highline trail. The opportunities are endless and right outside your door.

Please note: Dogs are strictly prohibited in Sky Mountain Park (including Airline Trail, Deadline Trail, Cozyline Trail, Skyline Ridge Trail, Viewline trail, Ditchline Trail, and Seven Star Trail). No motorized vehicles allowed. Deadline Trail is down-hill travel only.